Swami Chidatman Ji Maharaj

Reverend Chidatmanji Maharaj was born on 17th day of July 1956. It was Tuesday shukla Ekadashi (the 11th day of lunar month) of vikram samvat (year) 2013 at the wee hours. He was geographically born at Rudrapur village of Bachwara Block in Begusarai district of Bihar.

Features of Ashram

Swamiji observed fast unto-death from first Feb to 6th Feb 2003 to release the required water in the river Ganga from the Narora dam to cater to the A charter of eight-point demand:- Consequently he was assured that due steps had been initiated to get 600 cusses of water released

News & Events

प्रातः स्मरणीय परम पूज्य गुरुदेव के पावन सानिध्य में
अनंत श्री इन्द्र महायज्ञ
दिनांक- 06 /09 /2014 से 11 /09 /2014 तक
स्थान - सिद्धाश्रम, माँ कालीधाम
Tel .9431693176, 9430231638

Welcome To Sarva Mangla Ashram

Sarva Mangla Ashram is a centre of the Yoga of Self-Knowledge, Adhyatma Yoga. This Yoga is based on the philosophy of non-duality, Advaita Vedanta, which is taught in the Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita as interpreted by Sarva Mangla Ashram. Swamiji has organized Akhil Bhartiya Sarva Mangla Abhimukt Bharat a big organization to improve the wretched condition of Indian society, the stigma of casteism, linguistic nepotism, regionalism, terrorism and spread out the spirit of nationalism and universal brotherhood. He runs a school where students of different castes and creeds come from different parts of India for studies.
They are given free education, food, residence, cloths, medical facilities etc. Their characters are built up and made well disciplined, cultured and civilized they are also taught the lesson of welfare of others. Swamiji himself properly cares to those students who are uncared, unloved, destitute, orphan and treats them as his own part of the soul. Undoubtedly this school products noble, divine and secular students.  He is associated with the number of works which ultimately lead to peace, social harmony and protection of righteousness.

About Ashram

Sarva Mangla Ashram is a centre of the Yoga of Self-Knowledge, Adhyatma Yoga.

Contact Information

Maa Kali Dham,
N.H31, Simaria,
Begusarai, Bihar 851101
Phone: 09434957216
E-mail: info@sarvamanglaashram.in